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The rate of change seems to be increasing and many senior executives find their people, strategies and performance struggling to keep pace. Reid Here & Associates can help. We work with our clients to secure change in the thing you care most about: results.

We aren’t generalists; today we work in four specific practice areas which have persisted as opportunities for gain in otherwise well-performing companies: strategy implementation; helping steady performers reach their next levels; fixing the hidden traps of measurement; and improving alliance performance.

If your organization is ready for improvement, we can help you realize it. That’s what we’ve been doing since 1990.


Areas of Practice

measurement that drives success

Companies spend time and money measuring more and more results, processes and behaviours in the hope of improving performance. But too often these efforts are wasted, either because the measures aren’t delivering the information that is needed for effective intervention, or because they contain serious flaws in reasoning, design, or interpretation. It is well known that poor measurement practices can undermine employee motivation and performance.

Improving strategy implementation

We’ve developed a comprehensive model of strategy implementation based on the simple fact that any company is a system of activities. This model, synthesized from evidence, includes all of the main factors that enable strategy to come alive. We teach you the model, work with you to use it as a diagnostic tool, and based on what we discover, make recommendations for action.

executive coaching

Our Focus on Action program was designed to help our clients untangle, accelerate and make a difference in their careers and lives. It is a structured and purposeful program that helps you untangle your current reality, explore your options to make needed changes, and create solutions to move you forward.

more effective business alliances

No business is an island.  Everyone has customers and suppliers.  Increasingly, though, the best companies have relationships that go beyond these classic categories: alliance partners.  While the word “partner” has been debased by overuse, possibilities still remain for building value-delivering alliances that endure, and renewing alliances that have become stale.


I am deeply impressed by Doug’s consistent mastery of converting arcane theories and schemas of strategy and execution into practical, comprehensible and actionable concepts and models that are relatable to executives of all stripes.
— Daniel Monehin, EVP Remittances and Head of Financial Inclusion, Mastercard


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